Restorative Yoga Workshop with Jacqueline Fitch - 4/10 AND 5/22

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$25.00 Restorative Yoga Workshop 90 minutes

Restorative yoga is about finding stillness – one of the most transformational tools for our wellbeing. The practice cultivates the skill of relaxation and reconnects us with our natural state so we can thrive physically and emotionally.   

We will begin with gentle movement in order to create space in the body to activate your energies so you feel supported and grounded. You will then be guided through simple prop setups for long-held supported poses, encouraging a deep listening, and in turn a deep release of habitual patterns of tension in the body. 

In addition, Energy Medicine Yoga® techniques will be introduced to balance the energies that govern the immune, endocrine and autonomic nervous system, such as simple acupressure and neurovascular holds. 

The grounding of these poses along with expansive, intentional breathing initiates a neurological response in the body, creating calmness and transformation. 


 Workshops are not eligible for any discounts.

Jacqueline Fitch

Jacqueline Fitch, RYT 500 took her very first yoga class out of sheer curiosity and was immediately drawn to the graceful practice of uniting conscious movement with breath.  Many years later, she completed both her initial and advanced teacher trainings here at the Yoga Center of Columbia.  She is passionate in her teaching of yoga as the ancient art of self-care and as a touchstone for our daily lives.  She was later introduced to the methodology of Eden Energy Medicine which led her to the integrative practice of Energy Medicine Yoga under the direction of creator Lauren Walker.  Jacqueline’s teaching focuses on the body as a living system of energy, as she weaves these modern and ancient techniques into classic yoga postures activating our body’s natural healing intelligence.         

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