Mobility Stretch 2

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Wednesday 06/19/2024 10:45 am - 11:45 am
Wednesday 06/26/2024 10:45 am - 11:45 am

More advanced class starting with core-stability exercises, then reach, stretch and move in deeper mobility work and stretching to improve joint comfort, functional fitness, strength in range of motion, fascial release, body awareness and more. Mat-work, standing, knee-lunges, seated, all-4s exercises, and deeper stretches are included. For those with more active lifestyle.

Karen Best

Karen Best, BA, ACE certified instructor, Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist, Certified Behavioral Change Coach and Stretch to Win LifeStretch Instructor was first exposed to Pilates and meditation in 1983, while in high school, and taking dance classes at The University of CT. Her first dance teacher, Jean Sabatine was a student of Jerome Robbins, who practiced Pilates with Joseph and Clara Pilates in NYC. Karen further developed her knowledge while a dance major at the Philadelphia University of the Arts, and has been teaching fitness and movement since 1986. With over 3-decades teaching, she has taught almost every kind of fitness class there has been and seen the trends and fads come and go. For the last 2 decades she has taught mostly Pilates. After feeling the effects of time and osteoarthritis, Karen developed her specialty Mobility Stretch classes - which are amazing for join relief and comfortable movement.

Karen has been performing professionally under her cultural dance name, Samira Shuruk, for over 2 decades. You can see more about that and about her wellness and culture retreats on her website

Karen's classes are rooted in tradition, and informed by modern sports medicine and mindfulness. The meditations she leads are mindfulness based. Her movement classes are nurturing and fun as she encourages you to work at a level that is wonderful for you and your body, utilizing her knowledge to modify moves to suit your level. Karen is available for fitness expert interviews and consultations for journalists as well as public speaking. To contact Karen, email 

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