Yoga Salutes Non-Violence - 108 Sun Salutations Mat Practice led by Karen Best

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$54.00 YSNV 108 Mat Practice donation #2
$108.00 YSNV 108 Mat Practice donation #3

Join us in memory of Cheryl Catranbone and in honor of survivors everywhere for Yoga Salutes Non-Violence, a fund-raising event to benefit HopeWorks of Howard County.

Yoga Salutes Non-Violence (YSNV) is celebrating its 14th year supporting HopeWorks of Howard County, our local rape crisis and domestic violence center.

We recognize the need for changing the way the Yoga Center of Columbia hosts the event this year due to Covid19, while continuing the tradition of supporting this important organization.

Sun Salutation Participants

Sun Salutation Participants are invited to register with a donation to YSNV for HopeWorks You will then receive a link to the event, being held live-stream via Zoom.
There will be two different offerings of the event:

  • ·  Mat practice of 108 Sun Salutations led by Karen Best

  • ·  Chair practice of 54 Sun Salutations led by Heather Thamer

    Upon registering, participants will be able to choose the amount they wish to donate and which practice (mat or chair) they would like to join.

    Donation options: $27, $54, $108

    Please Note: Each gift of $108 has an incredible impact!
    It allows a family of 4 a one night stay in emergency shelter, 4 counseling sessions, one night in a hotel when the emergency shelter is full, or in-person hospital advocate response in the middle of the night.

    Participants who want to have sponsors donate in their name, can do so at this link HERE. There is a space to fill in a name of someone as a dedication or sponsorship. 

    If you wish to donate more, please do so at
    Participants in the mat practice will be led through 108 Sun Salutations (or as many as they can). Watch video here. 

    Participants in the chair practice will be led through 54 Sun Salutations. Watch video here. Watch video here. 

    1. Other Donors and Supporters

      If you wish to donate but do not wish to complete Sun Salutations, you may still make a donationTo sponsor a participant or make a direct donation to Hopeworks, Click Here.

      We hope you will join us in making this another successful YSNV fundraising event for HopeWorks. We encourage you to share with your friends and family, so that they can support your efforts on behalf of HopeWorks with a donation also.

Karen Best

Karen Best, BA, ACE certified instructor, Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist, Certified Behavioral Change Coach and Certified LifeStretch coach, was first exposed to Pilates and meditation in 1983, while in high school, and taking dance classes at The University of CT. Her first dance teacher, Jean Sabatine was a student of Jerome Robbins, who practiced Pilates with Joseph and Clara Pilates in NYC. Karen further developed her knowledge while a dance major at the Philadelphia University of the Arts, and has been teaching fitness and movement since 1986. Karen has been performing professionally under her dance name, Samira Shuruk, for over 2 decades. You can see more about that and about her wellness and culture retreats on her website Karen's classes are rooted in tradition, and informed by modern sports medicine and mindfulness. Her classes are nurturing and fun as she encourages you to work at a level that is wonderful for you and your body. To contact Karen, email

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