Chair Yoga

Lengthen and strengthen shoulder, back, and leg muscles and develop range of motion in joints while seated on a chair. Experience all aspects  and benefits of yoga. All levels are welcome!

If you are joining class in person, YCC has plenty of props for you to use. If you are joining from home, these props will be helpful for class:

Folding chair
1 4x6x8" foam block
1 8' strap
Rubz ball
Massage peanut

Per student's preference:

Yoga mat
Gradient fitness strap if holding a regular yoga strap is difficult for hands
9" Inflatable ball or small pillow or towel

Upcoming Classes

Tuesday - June 25, 2024 / EST
Chair Yoga
Tuesday 6/25/2024
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Barbara Day

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