The Yoga Center of Columbia is a hybrid studio.

This means that all our classes are currently offered via Zoom live-stream, online,

and many classes are also offered in-studio.

See schedule for details.

Yoga 1

For new & continuing students: emphasizes opening and strengthening shoulders, back, and legs by focusing on standing poses.

Yoga 1 with Weights

This is a yoga 1 class that adds 2-4 pound  weights to the yoga practice. Participants must provide their own weights.

Yoga 1 Plus

For those with yoga experience and a preference for the Yoga 1 pace; refining standing, seated, supine, and prone poses.

Yoga 1-2

For those with consistent prior yoga experience; builds on Yoga 1.

Yoga 1 and Meditation

This yoga 1 level class will include seated meditation.

Yoga 1-2 and Meditation

 A seated meditation plus a full asana practice; for experienced yogis.

Yoga 1-2 and Core

For those with prior yoga experience; builds on Yoga 1 with emphasis on core strength and building endurance & strength.

Yoga 1-2 Plus

For experienced, strong, aware yogis who know how to modify poses as needed and want to build further endurance and strength.

Yoga 2

For experienced, strong, aware yogis who know how to modify poses and want to build further endurance and strength.

Yoga 2 Plus

For experienced yogis who know how to modify poses, want to build further endurance and strength, and practice additional refinements & challenges.

Yoga 2-3

Only for experienced yogis who know how to modify poses, and want to develop more strength, practice advanced poses, deeper backbends & arm balances.

Yoga Core

For experienced yogis who want to add an emphasis on core strength.

Yoga Core Plus

An intermediate class for the student interested in advancing their practice by working on strength and endurance.

Yoga for a Healthy Back

For those with back issues or a healthy back. Build strength in the spine stabilizing muscles, work on spine flexibility and core development.

Yoga for Healthy Bones and Joints

Yoga postures that will safely build and strengthen your bones, improve posture, and increase range of motion and flexibility.

Yoga for Moms

All moms deserve support! Join us for stretching, strengthening, stress relief & much deserved relaxation! Safe for those 6wks postpartum and beyond. Mixed level.

Community Yoga

Gentle asana series for those with some yoga experience. $5 donation requested.

Foam Roller - Functional Fitness

No experience necessary; improve stability, strength, and balance with a soft, therapeutic foam roller.

Mobility Stretch 1

Gentle stability exercises followed by mobility work to improve functional fitness, strength, fascial release, posture, and joint ease. For new and continuing students.

Mobility Stretch 2

Stability exercises followed by deeper mobility work to improve strength in range of motion, fascial release, posture, and joint ease. For those with more active lifestyle.

Morning Meditation

20-minute seated, guided mindfulness meditation practices that can be incorporated into your daily life. (free)

Breathe, Move, Meditate

Slow down and tune into your body’s natural energies - mindfulness exploration of breath (pranayama), slow yogic movement (asana), and meditation. All levels.

Introduction to Meditation

For those new to meditation, learn seated and walking meditation and other mindfulness practices.

Mindfulness Meditation

An ongoing 1-hour meditation community that explores various aspects of the meditation practice.  Guided meditations and silent practice included.  All are welcome.

Chair 1 Yoga

Lengthen and strengthen shoulder, back, and leg muscles and develop range of motion in joints while seated on a chair. Experience all aspects and benefits of yoga. All levels are welcome!

Chair 2

Continue your exploration of chair Yoga, more advanced options for poses are offered, including standing at the wall or beside the chair for balance and deeper stretching. Each class includes breathing, meditation, strengthening, and lengthening.  

Extra Gentle Yoga

For all levels; meant for yogis with injuries and other health challenges; practice seated in a chair, optional standing poses, and supine poses. Slow, adaptive pace.

Gentle Yoga

For new & continuing students, this is Yoga 1 at a slower pace with more modifications. Some hands & knees, as well as supine and prone poses.

Gentle/Yoga 1

For new & continuing students, this is a less vigorous approach to Yoga 1.

Gentle Yoga with Weights

This gentle yoga class methodically moves your body through full range of motion. Light weights are incorporated into some postures to strengthen and tone muscles. 

Yoga with Weights

For those with some yoga experience looking to add an emphasis on increasing bone density and strength with the use of 1-4 pound weights.

Pregnancy Yoga

Ideal for your changing body. Feel vibrant, bond with baby, manage discomforts and relax with other moms.

Children's Yoga (5-10 years)

Increases strength, flexibility, concentration, and balance in a child-friendly, playful environment. No experience needed.

Preteen/Teen Yoga

Geared toward Middle & High School students, this yoga class is tremendously beneficial to the healthy emotional and physical development of teens.

Yoga for Men

In and out in 60 minutes; no experience needed. Emphasis on strength and the special flexibility needs of men. Appropriate for all levels.

Accessible Yoga for Amputees

Modified yoga for people living with limb loss or difference, recovering from limb injury or surgery, or anyone with limited movement.

Pilates 1

For beginning and continuing students, improves posture, increases core and functional strength and flexibility, while building the mind-body connection.

Pilates 1-2

Mind and body on the mat class that builds on & refines the movements learned in Pilates 1, and incorporates resistance props. For experienced practitioners.

Pilates 1-2 Plus

Builds on & refines the movements learned in Pilates 1-2. Engages in more flow than Pilates 1-2 and also incorporates resistance props. For experienced practitioners.

Pilates 2

Challenging mind-body mat work that incorporates exercises and principles from sports medicine to further increase strength. For experienced practitioners.

Yin Yoga

Let time and gravity do the work to stimulate, strengthen and revive connective tissue. Promotes relaxation and receptivity.

Yin/Yang Yoga

Enjoy relaxation of the body and mind, while you experience the balance of both ying and yang yoga.


Foundational system of gentle movements awakening, building, circulating Qi, and cultivating internal transformation.

Women's Qigong

This complete program of empowered self-care blends ancient Chinese & Tibetan techniques that address the specific health issues unique to women.